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Body Lift Wrap

Following the long awaited launch of the Anti-Aging Wrap, just a few months ago Victoria surprised us again with another breakthrough formulation of The Body Wrap.

Further investigative work at Suddenly Slender's Research Group has yielded a new formula that not only rejuvenates the body in the same fashion as the Anti-Aging Wrap, it also obtains better inch-loss through the torso, smoothes the skin in a silky satin finish, AND leaves behind a dynamic reservoir of ENERGY!



"Wonderful! I felt full of PEP the entire day!" - Sue B.

"I felt the energy surge, but my SKIN's the best part, it's velvety!" - Vicky L.

"I am so impressed with the new Sugarbuster Wrap! I have been getting wrapped for three years and I lost over 17 inches with my first one! My cellulite was considerably reduced and there are no more dimples!!" - A. P.

"With previous wraps, my "hard" fatty areas were difficult to shrink. After just one Body Lift, I lost 2 inches in my abdomen! I also greatly reduced my cellulite!" - B. A.