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Rediscover Yourself with Energy Sound Healing

Rediscover Yoursel

Do you have the courage to Rediscover Yourself ~ By clearing negative thought patterns you will experience an inner calmness, clearer thinking, and be more focused.

Energy Sound Healing is a technique and the key to your success and happiness. Our results are positive, effective, fast, safe and non-invasive.

We discovered that our actions are primarily controlled by unconscious beliefs that are mostly passed down through generations. We are not consciously aware of these beliefs and are led to believe that our actions are normal. When you act from your true self you are in power and have control over your life. When you act in your primal nature you live in fear and act out of instinct, even when it is inappropriate.

When acting within your primal nature you are easily controlled by those who know how to push your buttons. You are stuck and overwhelmed by the events and people around you. Counseling can sometimes suppress your emotions, but you remain a slave, having to struggle and suffer because the underlying issue is still in charge of how you react and feel. We use your thoughts along with proprietary sound frequencies to permanently remove the negative emotions. These are the causes behind the stories and events that rule your life. Though it may sound unbelievable the results are almost 100% effective. The freedom you experience is remarkable in itself, but more importantly you find that you are in control of your emotions. You are more focused and clearer thinking. You are the person you always wanted to be. People around you start treating you with more respect and usually stop trying to control you all together. Positive things start flowing to you and you begin to feel peace, joy, and abundance as your true reality.

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I was dealing with some anxiety and it was really starting to impact my life. I went in for a clearing with Bonnie and I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders right away. I no longer have the anxiety I once had and I am completely off my anxiety medication. Kimberly A

I had some continuing frustration with a coworker, which was causing more stress at work. After my clearing with Steve, I felt less stressed immediately. When I went back to work the following day, I no longer had an issue with that coworker. Nick

 I had a presentation to give in front of 30 people. One on One, I am a good conversationalist. However I was terrified of speaking in front of groups of people for as long as I could remember. I was dreading this presentation for weeks. It was to the point where I was not sleeping at night weeks before the event. I came in to see Bonnie at Rediscover Yourself to help me get this problem under control. While I was being tested, Bonnie discovered that it was a different problem that was causing my fear. I went through one treatment and walked out of the building feeling ready to take on the world. I even tried to bring up the emotion and was unable to create that feeling again, no matter what I did. The day came for my presentation and I was ready to go. I flew through the presentation and never even looked at my notes once! I actually ran out of time to finish everything that I wanted to discuss. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for curing me of that issue. Thank you ~. D.P.

Good Morning Bonnie,
Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for your help.
I am feeling better about myself. I can stop the negative thought processes faster and redirect them toward positive thoughts.
This has caused much more peace in my life.
Since this experience I feel more love. I feel the love my family and friends are sending my way. People I haven't talk to in 2 years and 10 years have contacted me and I have contacted them. They are happy and want to talk to me. They feel the kinship connection.
Please keep me in the loop as you move into a new building and develop this service.
If I can help let me know. Even if it is moving furniture or addressing envelopes.
Happy to help.
Take care and thanks again.

Since my session it seems like I have a new inner calm. I reread a letter from my mother~in~law that in the past would trigger all the negative emotions and it didn't. I have not been anxious or angry as the time for my in~laws approaches. ~Anonymous

I could not believe the difference in how I felt about my wife. I can't believe that such a little thing could screw up our marriage. Since we cleared my issue, it's like it was 20 years ago. We care about each other again. You saved my marriage! ~ J.W.

Since I started Sound Therapy, I finally feel like I have my life back after living through my daughter's illness for so many years and having so much depression. I am back to my old self and so many people notice! In just a couple sessions I was already seeing the difference! ~ H.K.

After 31 years of being a smoker, I decided it was time to quit. My girlfriend told me to try sound therapy instead of using the drug approach that almost worked last time I tried. After 1.5 hours ( 3 clearings) I have been smoke free for over a year now. I have also went back for other issues that no longer bother me. This is simply amazing! ~ S.V

Please contact us if you would like to experience a treatment or have questions about how this could benefit you or a loved one. Treatments are $75.00 each or 3 treatments for $185.00. We are located at 933 Anderson Dr. ~ 2 doors down from Bella Salon
Bonnie Vincent~ bonnie@rediscoveryourselfint.com920-680-3479
Steve Vincent ~ 920-680-1565
Tina Kemp ~ 920-606-6830